Course Duration

Due to the range of various courses, the durations may vary. Courses can be tailored made to suit the needs of the individual or the Company’s needs.


Assessments are carried out continuously throughout the training, in order to monitor the trainee’s progress. Should a trainee be having problems whilst doing his/her training the Company will be notified. Companies wishing to send a candidate for a one (1) day or two (2) day Assessment.

Bookings can be made for a Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. A confirmation form must be returned to the relevant Representative by 12pm on Thursday in order for the training to be scheduled.

Terms of Payment

  • 50% is payable on booking and confrmation of training, the balance is payable on commencement
  • Companies to supply an order number.
  • Should the full amount not be paid and the Trainee has completed his/her training.
  • All Reports, Certificates and Assessments will be withheld until the outstanding money has been settled in full.
  • The cost of each course can be calculated by multiplying the number of days training by the cost per day per trainee quoted.

Cancellation/ Non Arrival

  • Cancellation of a course will result in a 30 – 50% cancellation fee.
  • Training scheduled and paid for and the Trainee does not arrive for his/her training. Such Fees are not refundable.
  • All fees are payable in the case of suspension or dismissal resulting from any disciplinary measures.

On Completion

Once a trainee has completed his/her training successfully his/her Company will be issued with a certificate of Attendance and a Report.